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More than the problem, our inability to handle that problem disturbs us!

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Innovation in Virtual Presentations

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When the first lock-down was imposed, almost all events were canceled. People thought everything would be back to normal in a few weeks. It was anything but that. As everyone came to senses and accepted that virtual gatherings are here to stay, many of us picked up the pace to get our act together. The initial few months gave us enough practice to be reasonably comfortable with virtual meetings and presentations of all kinds. But the novelty is wearing off. People have developed more discerning eyes and ears.

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The 7 Things a Business Coach Must Do when Working with Founders

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There is a critical difference between armchair experts and people who have been there done that. Every founder does not have to repeat the same mistake to learn valuable lessons. They can learn from others, only if others are willing to share their mistakes and experiences without adding any spice to their version. People often tell entrepreneurs, especially startups that they need to know their “why”, the purpose of being in the business. But in my experience, they already know it. Instead, the most challenging part for them is almost always — how?

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My Name Is Google, and I Am a Victim

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I lure you with the pretense of free services. Then I capture your personally identifiable data and surveil your behavior. I sell that data to advertisers and make billions in revenue, but I do not pay (fair) tax. I also crawl other's websites and show you snippets of news and other content, so you don't have to go to their website often. But, how dare you ask for fair compensation for your data and content? I am not happy. I think it is unfair. Hello, my name is Google, and I am a victim!

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Three Types of Innovations in Business

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In his seminal work “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” Clayton Christensen discussed the three main forms of innovation. Borrowing from that idea, here is the explanation of the first three kinds of innovation and their impact on jobs, capital, and economy.

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The Reaction is Instinctive, the Response is Intelligent!

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We see in our daily lives; many things disturb us. Some irate us, frustrate us or make us sad. What do we do with them? Most of the time – we react! It is a natural human tendency to react. However, I think a response has more to offer than mere reaction. Think about the traffic - it is not the traffic that disturbs us. What really annoys us is our inability to handle the disturbance and frustration caused by the traffic. If we know how to keep calm or find a better way out of that traffic, we don't dwell on it much.

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On Attention

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Once an expert thief said to his young son, “Son, you are grown up now. I should start training you early. I want you to become a better thief than I am !” His son nodded in affirmation. Both decided to start the training very next day. The next day – thief says to his son, “Let me first assess your basics. I will give you 20 minutes.” He said, “Your task is to pick my pocket without getting caught. Your time !”

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A Systematic Approach to Risk Mitigation

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Generally speaking, it is a project management strategy in which a project team imagines a project failure and works backward to determine what potentially could lead to that failure. This working is then used to handle risks upfront. However, in the risk management context, I am going to use this (pre-mortem) term interchangeably to represent a more sophisticated and engineering-oriented methodology, known as Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, i.e. FMEA.

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Special Purpose Teams in the Future of Work

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There are two key characteristics defense forces exhibit, which corporates can learn from – the first is agility by design and second, mission-based approach. These two traits make them resilient and help in handling disruptions effectively. For any defense mission, tasks, resources, and success guarantee are critical, and it is the same for corporate projects too. Each mission begins with a small team that follows three high-level steps. I recently spoke with my army veteran friend to understand more.

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Business As Platform for the Future of Work

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Think of an onion - as you peel it, layer by layer, it starts to unpack a lot of punch. Traditional business models center around single-stream processes, which they manage and execute inhouse. It often creates bottlenecks and increases dependencies. But more importantly, it has an adaptability problem with changing customer demands. Artificial Intelligence and other technologies are enabling significant changes in the economy. Now the time is ripe to make transformative changes; hence business as a platform!

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Distributed Leadership for the Future of Work

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There is an exciting and emerging trend being seen in organizations these days. Most of them now have at least three different generations in their employee mix. It is interesting because each of these generations looks at management principles and leadership quite differently. Nowadays, most of the employees do not want to be told what to do. Instead, they want leaders to trust them for being capable of doing the right thing. Most of the management principles are not applicable anymore.

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The Key to a Great Story is Not Who, What, or When, but Why!

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Whether it is for theatrical reasons or practical ones, purpose or motive has always been the driving factor of the story. Knowing the Why makes things crystal-clear in trying times. It acts as a guiding star when we are in a problem. As far as the business context is concerned, not having an answer to this critical question poses a fundamental problem in almost all the change management initiatives. Additionally, when an organization is trying to revamp, go to the next level of excellence or advancement, not knowing this (why — the purpose) becomes a roadblock. Any suggested change or idea is rejected due to firm beliefs formed by employees over a long period in an organization.

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When Working With Emerging Technologies...

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Machines make mistakes, just like humans do, and they will keep making them in the future too. Businesses must accept this fact and know that machines, much like humans, also need attention, retraining, and a performance improvement plan before they go live again. Do not get carried away and assume that just because we have cool technology, we can use it to solve every problem around us. Emerging technologies are new hammers, let us avoid treating all of the issues as nails and avoid rushing into the emerging future. It is challenging to undo strategic and technological mistakes these days. Sometimes, it is better to deal with humans than machines, sanity is the key!

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What You Are Seeing Is Not the Future of Work

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What you see right now is not the future of work. But it is undoubtedly a perfect trigger to change several things at once. Adapt to the current working requirements with all the grace, but make no mistake; this is not the future of work. It is just the tip of the iceberg, call it a stimulus if you will. The good part is, no one has seen how the future of work looks; it is entirely a greenfield area. You can bring in transformative changes and become a business of the future, and show others what it is like to be the one.

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Innovation in the Time of Crisis

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We often hear that crisis breeds so much innovation. So, what leads to such innovation? If you can understand that, you can use it to our advantage and drive some beneficial changes in your organization. In my view, three factors come into play. These three factors are creativity, perspective, and the environment. If you want to leverage any crisis as a stepping stone, then understand these factors and do this.

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On Perspective

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When I was about 8 yr old, my father told me a story — an interesting perspective on perspectives. A businessman was passing by a large farm in his car when he saw a farmer resting under a tree. The businessman got curious, so he stopped and approached the farmer. On approach and pleasantries, he asked, “Mate, what are you doing?”. The farmer responded, “Resting !” Businessman, being what he is, said to the farmer, “Well, instead of wasting your time by resting, you have such a huge farm, why don’t you work hard ?”

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Why You Must Stop Focusing on Customer Problems

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You will often hear when someone is talking about disruptive innovation, "Uber didn't kill the taxi business; limited access and fare control did!" And when you hear this, the typical response comes in one of the two ways - the first says, take the help of incremental innovation and try to fix those problems. In contrast, the other response is to adapt to the disruptive innovation playbook. But, I argue, both are not sustainable, not enough!

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What Are You Delivering, Value or Fluff?

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Although I spoke about this topic in a few forums several years ago, my recent experience made me revisit it because this (phenomena) keeps happening now and then. I firmly believe that how customers and suppliers perceive each other mostly and directly impacts the results. If we want to create a real value for everyone, we must shed our perceptions and see-through customer lenses to be more productive. Value always implies an explicit trade-off between what you give and what you get. And it applies in almost any context.

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